charli | 5 days

2008-06-25 08:04:24

Here is the sweetest girl in the world….at 5 days old! I adore this little angel sooo much! I’ve been staying at my sisters, helping her out for the past week and I just cannot get enough of this girl!! She is just the sweetest thing ever….

I think we could just stare at her all day…..

And she is the girl of many expressions!! We love watching her sleep because she’s just full of the funniest expressions!! She’ll look mad, then yawn, then smile and so on…. it’s soo sweet!!

4 responses to “charli | 5 days”

  1. This is brilliant. Look at that face, she must have been dreaming of ponies, or birds, or sweeties (hmm, maybe a bit young for sweets).

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