*CHARLI* | 2 + 1/2 MONTHS

2008-09-08 07:40:06

Oh, I swear…she just gets sweeter and sweeter by the day and now…she smiles you when you talk to her now and I think I’ve officially melted like 50 times because I just love it soo much!! She’s turning into a chunky little monkey…12 pounds and counting!

Ok…this picture is a bit ridiculous…but it cracked me up soo much that I had to share it! I was taking pictures of Charli when my glasses fell off and landed on her…which gave me the brilliant idea to put them on her…and when I did..she wrinkled her nose all up and looked like this little old school teacher and I was just laughing soo hard…I had to share!

11 responses to “*CHARLI*”

  1. Charli is adorable! What a hoot! Love the glasses shot.. looks like she is trying to snap her little fingers!

  2. Ohhh my goodness. She is just so beautiful! The picture with the glasses is just too funny! Something about babies in giant glasses… lol.

  3. so i decided that while im home this weekend… im coming to see miss charli. shes tooooooo cute

  4. jess…i think she looks like her aunt!!!
    so cute! i had to show my mom…she thought
    charli was the cutest thing (well, next to journie
    and lucia… 🙂 )

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