2006-05-16 09:29:55

It’s one of my FAVORITE things when one of my couples sends me the announcement that they are expecting or just had a NEW BABY!!! I don’t know why but it just makes me soo happy…and feel soo warm and fuzzy inside! I’m super excited about having a little one of my own, in the coming years….and I just love babies….so I just get super excited!

Well, Amy & Tony are an absolutely wonderful couple who I just love! I photographed their wedding almost 2 years ago…and have photographed several of their friends weddings…and am photographing another of their friends wedding this year…so we just are connected in all these ways and I just adore them! Well…..they JUST had a gorgeous baby girl on May 9th! Her name is Hope…I love that name! They were kind enough to send me pictures! I just had to show you! (oh…and I did NOT take the bottom two pictures…but accidentally put my logo on them when I was resizing them for the blog!..oops!)

CONGRATULATIONS, Amy & Tony!! Hope is soo beautiful!! 😉

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