2006-05-18 07:59:10

Soooooo…..TODAY is my WONDERFUL, AMAZING, INCREDIBLE HUSBAND’S 26th BIRTHDAY!!! He has been really excited about his birthday and he deserves a FANTASTIC day because he’s the GREATEST guy!!!

On a wonderful day in May of 2001 (the 6th to be specific)…I was at Church and noticed this guy looking my way. I wasn’t really into a relationship..I had just ended a 5 year relationship, just graduated from College..and was just ready to be me for the first time in a long time! Well, that didn’t exactly happen! HA! Soo…..he came over to me and I think we had about a 7 minute, 48 second handshake…it was a pretty good one! 😉 He SLYLY invited me to his “small group”…aka, ultra casual bible study/hang out with friend time. I thought, WOW…I can’t even believe this guy….I mean….I can’t say NO to God….so conveniently I couldn’t say NO to him! I thought, WHAT A SNEAK this dude is!! I can’t believe him.

Well, I had to go to…..and so I did…and I ended up having a blast…and before I knew it, I was totally in love with him and when he asked me to marry him 8 months later, I knew it was the best decision of my life. It’s crazy to think of all that we have been through since then! He and I actually lead that same small group today! It’s sort of funny!!

He is the most crazy, wonderful, looney guy I know…and every day of my life has been a BLAST since the day I met him!!!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HONEY! 😉 I absolutely adore you….and can’t wait to take you out tonight!! 🙂 (ohh…and that is the cake that I made him…isn’t it cute!)

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  1. happy birthday to you…happy birthday to you…happy birthday dear mark…happy birthday to you!!!! i hope you guys have a great time out tonight…and the cake looks yummy!!!! miss and love you guys!!

  2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!!!! I think he is 26 going on 12! 🙂

    That is the first time we heard the story of you two! 🙂 We knew you met at church but we didn’t know the details. So cute…and soooo Mark!

    Jess, you should start doing cakes on the side! It looks sooo yummy!

    Have fun tonight! We are going to Kokomo to celebrate my mother in law’s birthday this evening! 🙂 We get cake too!!!!

  3. Your post just made me cry!!! 🙂

    Happy Birthday mark! So glad to have met you in Vegas, hope our paths cross again soon!!!!


    Jess, I think the cake needs a little ‘something-something’ maybe some chocolate sprinkles? And green sugary ink?

    I miss you guys!


    I can’t believe you are only 26… that is weird. (Jess going for the younger men…someone’s got to I guess, I’ll take care of going for the older men LOL HA HA)

    That is a great cake Jess… what are you trying to do?…show up gary? LOL

    Love you Mark… happy bday!!!

    (Oh and I will be the witness… Mark stalked her for like 8 months before he introduced himself..he stared her down… I saw it)

  6. THANK YOU all so much!! I am having an AWESOME day! My wife makes sure of that! She’s so great. Anyway, I hope to see all of you soon!

    The B-Day Man 🙂

    OH and thanks, Miss…for totally giving my secret away! Hey, the stalking worked, didn’t it! 😉

  7. WHOA…You guys ROCK!!! Thanks for all the BDAY wishes to Mark! I love how a post for my crazy husband gets more comments than anything else! 😉 ha! He’s worth it, though!! 🙂

    Yea, G…I considered GREEN sprinkles, but then I remembered the nightmares I had of your freaky so called cake and I decided against it! HA! 😉 we miss you too!

    OH…and Mel..there is NO showing up Gary on that cake…it was totally a ONE OF A KIND!!! 😉 ha!!! OH…nice older man comment…dork!!! LOL! 😉

    Oh..and she’s not lying…he freaked me out a little before we actually met…a little “Church Stalking” as we like to call it! 8 months worth!! Good thing he didn’t turn out to be a total freak!;)

    B&C…you called it, 26 going on 12! No kidding!! People always ask when we’re going to have kids…and I say, I already have one…and he’s ALL I can handle for now!!! HA! 😉 Have fun tonight with your mother-in-law. Mark is getting SOO spoiled…Monday night we celebrated with MY family at Abuelos…last night we celebrated here with HIS family, I made mexican lasagna *YUM* and tonight we’re going out for his favorite meal at Bonefish. He’s such a spoiled brat!

    Amber..you are soo precious! When Mark met you Nathan…he told me later that night that he wished we could have hung out with you guys more and had time to talk…I couldn’t agree more! Let’s plan that for next, year, K!? 😉

    Wow…I think this is a record for the longest comment ever!

  8. Your cake appears to have turned out much better than Gary’s attempt, although I am guessing you have baked more than once in your life 🙂

    I really like the photo of your husband in the water, very cool perspective!

  9. heh, let’s not forget that Mark had never really attended that small group before he invited you to “his” small group. 😉 that’s classic Sterling for you though.



  11. Whoa whoa whoa, hold the phone. I did attend that small group before I invited Jess…BEN!! I started attending it when I was dating the girl before Jess. AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE!!

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