DID I MENTION THAT I HAVE A BABY ON THE WAY?? | CAUSE I DO!! just weeks, maybe DAYS away...

2013-08-06 00:50:18

I haven’t mentioned much about it, but I’m PREGNANT with another little GIRL! Very pregnant (in case you thought I just had WAY too much for breakfast, lunch and dinner!) 😉 as in 37 weeks and due SOON! So, we stopped our crazy lives for just a few minutes to capture some images of this super special time! My amazing and wonderful studio manager and full time assistant, Erika, was soo awesome to photograph these for us!! Sophie is OVER the moon excited about her baby sister (which we really hope sticks and doesn’t turn back to bite us once “peanut” is here!) and we are too…. 🙂 Just wanted to share!

NO shoot is complete without Mark doing one of his crazy poses….i love that he’s crazy… 😉

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