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These images hold a special place in my heart. Eagle Church has been my home church since I was 18 years old, so (as scary as it sounds, just doing the math of that one!) for nearly 15 years, I’ve worshipped and grown in my Christian faith at this beloved church, as has my family. Soo many special moments have occurred for me and my family there, I was baptized, dedicated my child and my nieces there and even first locked eyes with a certain handsome guy and proceeded to share a very long handshake and receive an invitation to his “small group”…(nice pick up line, Mark…haha) ;)….which turned into a beautiful, amazing marriage and it all happened under the roof of this Church, with God’s grace. Through it all, the most influential aspect of my faith and relationship with the Lord has been through the teachings, sermons and lessons of our incredible Pastor, Eric Simpson. I can honestly say that I’ve NEVER heard anyone who can speak God’s word soo well, soo relate-ably, soo naturally and effectively as to reach right into the depths of your heart and soul and create the transformation God seeks in each of us…as I have from our Pastor Eric. I know hundreds of people who fully agree with me and are the reason why we all call Eagle Church home. I look forward to his sermons, I get excited for road trips so that I can load my favorite sermons up in my car and listen to them for hours. If you would like to listen, click here for a message archive and I can assure that you will not regret it. God has just given Eric a gift to reach people through him and it’s an incredible blessing to our church body. For years, he has been our Teaching Pastor and recently, on a very special Sunday which I was honored to photograph, he was appointed to Lead Pastor. It was a very special day and it meant soo much to me for Eric to specifically request that I be the one to photograph it. He and I have a multi-faceted relationship, he did Mark and I’s pre-marital counseling 10 years ago, he was in our home after the birth of Sophie, prayed over us when we learned of her genetic disorder, I photograph his beautiful and special family….and we also work along side each other professionally on weddings. He’s also a well loved man in many other areas, as he is one of the Colt’s pastors. When speaking directly with one of the team members about Eric, his exact words were “Eric has had an effect on the players that is really transforming and making a difference for the Lord”….and that really sums it up completely because bringing people to truly know the Lord is what it’s ALL about. It was a special Sunday, complete with joy and even tears….and I’d love to share it with you….



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  1. Thanks for sharing Jessica!! I love it! Especially for the volunteers who were downstairs and didn’t get to see this!! Special Day!

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