2006-11-08 10:23:24

As the wedding season continues to slow down, I’ll be posting more fun, personal stuff b/c Mark and have SUCH a blast in life and I love sharing it! I don’t have much time for anything but business posts during the crazy season, so sorry…i’m gonna start catching up now! Hopefully you aren’t sighing with disgust right now! ha!! 😉 We are blessed with some fantastic friends! We try to get togther with friends as much as we can, but as you all know, with two crazy careers and lifestyles…it’s super tough! So, last night we had a great dinner with our friends, Kyle & Rachel. Mark & Kyle were in flight school together and have been great friends ever since! Kyle & Rachel are both pilots and live in Cincinatti….and we try to rotate dinners in each others cities…each month! So, we went down to Cincy for dinner last month and they came up last night…and we went downtown and had a fantastic dinner at Palomino…and some great wine too! Mark & I rarely get pictures together because I’m always behind the camera…so we decided to take a few last night! I need to redeem myself after the awful pictures of us at the bonfire! Anyway…GREAT seeing you, Kyle & Rachel! We love you guys and had a blast as always! 🙂 (oh and I shot some of the pics with my real camera and then some with my point & shoot, which explains the redeye!) (Oh….Rachel introduced me to this amazing website that you have to see, ladies….www.smartbargains.com! They have 1200 thread count sheets for $100!! Do you believe that???? You need to go look!!)

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  1. Hey Jess, looks like you had a nice dinner out with friends! We missed you in NYC… it was so much fun. We’ll be there for WPPI, can’t wait to see you and Mark. ~ Dawn

    Ps: The point & shoot Bob used on Mel & Gary’s pic is a Canon PS S3 IS. It’s the only camera I’m allowed to used… haha!!!

  2. Good friends are worth their weight in gold. I need to take more random pics like this when we get together with our friends and post them on my blog. I’m looking forward to your postings in the next few “non crazy season” months. And I don’t know what the heck you are talking about, the pic of you and Mark at the bonfire was super cute!! This one is cute too. 🙂

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