2007-12-26 15:07:25

Hey everyone! Hope you enjoyed a WONDERFUL Christmas! 🙂 We sure did!! It was a SUCH a great Christmas…the first one with our little Nephew Graham…and that was a blast!! I scored some awesome gifts…a GPS Navigation system (MUCH needed!!), 2 new Dining Room Chairs to complete our set, a sweet new office chair (because I feel like I spend half of my life in this chair, so I figured that a new, good one…was important!), a day at the SPA, AAA membership, a new Coffee Maker and much more!! It was SOO TERRIFIC…and I’m such a lucky girl!! 🙂

OK, so to the point because I’ve completely gotten off track….

Apparently, over Christmas, my email disk quota reached 100% without me knowing…so my email is REJECTING emails!! I’m working to resolve the problem right away so your emails should be getting through soon! According to Ben, my tech genius brother & IT department, your emails SHOULD come through without you having to resend them…so NO worries about resending! I’m simply informing you that I am aware that you are getting rejection notices on my emails and I will be getting and responding to emails SOON!!

THANKS for your patience!! Hope you are all enjoying a little R&R time over the holiday week!!

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  1. Oooo, a GPS!! I would LOVE one of those, so handy when going to a wedding and have no clue where you are!! (and mapquest totally sucks most of the time). Have a wonderful New Year!!

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