2009-04-21 18:22:46

I am SOOO excited to finally introduce my new studio manager, Erika!!! She started earlier this winter and has been learning the ropes and joining me in this crazy thing I call JRS Photography!! She is AMAZING, an incredible person, super hard worker, terrific photographer and SOO much more….and I’m SOOO incredibly blessed to have her! She graduated from Indiana Wesleyan University with a degree in photography and is from Winona Lake, Indiana but made the transition to Indy to be a part of my team (and to be by a certain guy! hehe!)!! She is quickly learning how wild the wedding industry is and how crazy the work load is during wedding season…and yet, she is still smiling and excited about photography! YAY!! Did I mention that SHE ROCKS?!?!?! Meet and help me welcome the lovely and terrific Erika….

5 responses to “ERIKA”

  1. Erika, way to work it out girl! Props to a photographer for letting another photographer take their picture for more than 5 minutes! I really enjoyed working with you at Manasa and Avi’s wedding. Good luck with all the editing…

  2. Love the pictures Erika! I’ve been waiting for them to be posted 🙂 As always, you look beautiful!!

  3. Meow! Ow ow! Lookin’ good girl. What a lovely staff over there at JRS Photog!

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