2006-08-07 07:11:32

Hi!!! Thank you all soo soo much for your wonderful notes & emails! I am feeling a TON better than I was when writing my last post, so THANK YOU for your well wishes!! While sick, I was checking email and recieved the NICEST email EVER!! Just reading the email made me feel better! It was soo precious, I just had to share….

Sent: August 5th, 06
From: Lauren, New Jersey
Comments: Wow, i saw the pictures you did for a couple and i told her how beautiful they were! She sent me to your page and I can’t believe my eyes. You are by far the BEST photographer i have EVER seen. Your pictures are breath-taking.

Yaaaay!!….now I feel better!!! Things like that just make my day and also make me soo grateful for such a wonderful, meaningful job!!! Thank you, Lauren! Photography means SOOO much to me and to have it be appreciated like is really what it’s all about!!! 🙂 Thank you, again!!! 😉

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