first weekend off…

2006-08-05 16:35:58

…AND I’M SICK!!!! 🙁 YUCK!!! Today is my first Saturday off since April! AHHH! I scheduled it that way b/c I knew I would be WAAAY behind come August…after having a wedding every weekend since April…… and so to schedule a little bit of time to catch up would DEFINITELY be necessary. Well, I guess I’ll just say that I’m a little more behind (or maybe ALOT more) than I thought I would be, so unfortunately, two weeks without weddings won’t help much…but it was a good idea anyway. Well, sure enough, Mark and I go out to breakfast this morning to celebrate a day off…and after breakfast, I realize that maybe it wasn’t such a good idea. Well, I’ll save you the details of what happened next….I’ll just say that I was in Target….and encase you need advice, let me advice you that getting sick in Target isn’t fun…well….I don’t remember a thing after that and it’s now 5:30. Hmmm….where did my day off go? I guess I needed the sleep…but it’s NOT fun to be sick on your day off. YUCK! I’m working on convincing myself that I feel good though so that I can pull myself together and Mark and I can go out for a fun night. We’ll see how that goes. I REEEEALLY want to enjoy my time b/c once weddings start back up on the 19th…I’m booked straight into December, so I neeeeed to get myself geared up! For now, I think I’ll go lay back down. Good thing God knows me well enough to save my getting sick time until I’m not at a wedding! That was a great idea…thanks, God! 😉

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  1. I always worry about getting sick the day of a wedding. A cold I can handle, but “having to be in the bathroom” sick would REALLY suck! So God was definitely watching out for you. Studio sessions can get rescheduled, but weddings must go on, even with a barf bucket by your side! I hope you’re feeling better soon!!

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