2006-05-14 21:24:03

Well, after a change of events, I ended up not having a wedding this weekend(sorry if you were hoping to come here and actually see some real images!). Soo…Mark and I decided to make the most of it and have ourselves a FUN weekend!!

We had lots of things we actually had to do, many hours of work, several meetings, a family shoot, etc…. (I don’t actually understand the concept of a whole day without work), but in the midst of it all…we managed to go out to a few dinners….attend a few parties…rent a few movies…celebrate Mother’s Day….and even go BOWLING! (see…when we have time to actually have fun, we feel pressure to like do it all and so we try to cram it all in in like one day…it’s crazy!!)

Sounds lame(the bowling part)…but not with us, it’s insanely funny! My husband actually PITCHES the bowling ball…LIKE a baseball!! He doesn’t actually use the holes in the ball! And, my sister-in-law hoists the ball half way down the lane…and she almost goes with it….and it hits the lane about 2 feet in front of the pins…and then will somehow get a strike! She’s soo talented! And then…my poor brother-in-law, Ben has the most perfect form, perfect aim, incredible speed…but has an UNCANNY ability to have 1 pin left standing EACH AND EVERY time! It’s soo stinkin funny…for us, not him! (Hannah & Ben are pictured above) Anyway…I really was all about having fun and not taking pictures because it was a chance to just not do that…but I have a few fun pics!
Ohhh…and my husband is a CRAZY person, so he likes to go around with MY sunglasses on and watch people stare at HIM because they think he’s CRAZY(not to mention strangely feminine)! Imagine that!! ha!! So…I figured, I’d let you all see how crazy he is too!

Gosh, now that I’m actually sitting for a few minutes, I totally realize that I’m exhausted from this weekend! Anyway…hope you all had a GREAT weekend! 😉

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