2006-05-30 08:51:15

Today was a very special!! One of my closest friends was married and it was just incredible! I can’t really describe how it feels to watch two people who you have known most of your life be together since we were kids and now be joining hands in marriage. It’s soo special and one of those things that makes you really appreciate life and growing up! Ginny and I have been close friends since I think we were maybe 13. We have a incredibly special friendship and we always have….she means a great deal to me and is soo near and dear to my heart. We have shared soo soo much together over the years…I could probably write a book of all the memories!! I always knew she would marry Todd….even when we were kids….and she did! Todd is a GREAT guy…he always has been. They are perfect together and I’m soo glad that are going to spend their lives together.

I hope Rome & Greece are amazing, you two!! (Todd planned that…doesn’t he ROCK!!) 😉 Can’t wait to hear all about it! I love you guys…

(oh…and this will be the longest post on record, so hopefully you don’t mind allllllll the images!) 😉

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  1. These are really nice Jessica- in particular I like the series of the bride and the ring on the floral print paper 🙂 But of course, they are all really nice! Take care, Stacy

  2. I think the picture of the really handsome man smoking a cigar is amazing. He is totally hot!

  3. Oh my Gosh Virginia those pictures are amazing! You two look amazing. I got goosebumps when i looked through them. I am seriously speechless. I hope to see more pictures. Jessica you are an amazing artist.

  4. This was a beautiful day and these pictures are a perfect way to remember it! They turned out great! You did a great job Jessica. 🙂 Congrats to the Newlyweds!

  5. WOW! I’m amazed of your work. How do you do it? What are you using here to make the photos look so light and colourful? Are there special techniques?
    Love your work and been very inspired by it,
    God bless you~!

  6. Jess,
    Truly amazing. those are easily the coolest wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Ginny and Todd make it somewhat easier because they are both beautiful people, but MAN you’re good!!! I’m just so sorry we missed the big day, although we had a pretty big day of our own. We can’t wait for you to photography little Avery.
    Thanks for sharing – you are truly talented. I hope you don’t mind, but I passed your link on to an Art Director that I work with. I know commercial stuff is not your specialty, but he wanted to see them just in case. (And he may be getting married in the near future, so that’s good to have too. 😉

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