graham | 8 months

2007-09-17 12:18:12

Do you believe that our little nephew, Graham, is 8 months old already? Time FLIES with a baby…it’s almost hard to believe how it happens! 1 Year in the life of an adult is just another number but in the life of an infant, it’s everything from learning to see, walk, eat, recognize people, crawl, laugh, talk, scream and SOO SOO much more! It’s amazing what happens in a year…and we haven’t even made it to the year mark yet, so I’m sure there will be more before we get there! We just love this little guy soo much!! He’s wanting to walk everywhere at this point, but obviously needs some help! He has no interest in crawling, so we think he’s just going to go from sitting to walking….and we’re all considering baby proofing our houses accordingly! 🙂

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  1. He is growing into such an adorable little man. He gets cuter every portrait.

    FYI! Developmentally, Graham needs to crawl some before starting to walk. If he does not, he will experience difficutly in learning to read and other academic areas of his life. He does not have to crawl long. My little boy crawled for 2 weeks before walking. Then he never stopped.

    If you want to check out drowing prevention classes for him (Great Christmas Present), check out the website You will be amazed.

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