2007-07-24 23:51:44

9 responses to “*GREAT.trip*”

  1. Okay so the the 3rd picture from the end…are they brushing their teeth or eating some sort of pixy stick thing??? I can’t figure it ou!!!

    So glad you all had a nice time and made it back safe!!!

  2. Hi guys!! haa…faye, that cracked me up!! They are eating frozen otter pops! We found them in the freezer and all acted like a bunch of 3 year olds, we were SOO excited about them!

    Jamie..I used Gary’s album design software, the 8×10 layout option just added a ton of images to it and drug them all into rows! 🙂

  3. Your images are beautiful. Do you color enhance every image you take? What software do you use for the to make the colors so vivid?

    Thank you

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