2007-05-18 11:28:10

Today is my AMAZING, WONDERFUL, FANTASTIC, HOT HUSBAND’S 27th BIRTHDAY!!! 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MARK!!! 🙂 I cannot even tell you how BLESSED I am to be married to this wonderful man! I adore him more than WORDS CAN DESCRIBE and LOVE being his wife!!! He is the BEST husband ever and if you followed my blog for a while …then you KNOW how amazing he is!!! He ROCKS!!! 🙂 He is a pilot and so he’s away on a trip for his birthday! 🙁 Poor guy!! He’ll be home tonight, though!!! I LOVE YOU MORE THAN ANYTHING, MARK!!!! I hope you are having the BEST day…and I wish that I could be sharing it with you!!!!! HAPPPPPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂

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  1. Awww, you are so cute when you talk about Mark. 🙂 HAPPPY BIRTHDAY MARK!! I’ve totally been missing his blog…he’s been m.i.a. for quite a while now. 🙁 I hope you guys are able to do something fun this weekend to celebrate. My hubby’s bday (40th) was yesterday and I did a similar post for him. We are celebrating this weekend with lots of friends, food and most importantly…FIREWORKS!

  2. Happy Birthday Mark!!! Wow, I didn’t realize how close in age we were. I hope it’s a truely special day for you:) Celebrate!!! Love you both – Nik

  3. Thank you pooh bear!!! I love you so much!!! Not being able to spend my day with you about killed me. Thank you for the post!!


  4. Hi Jessica-

    I have to comment on your post about your hubby. My husband’s name is Mark, his bday is on the 17th of May AND he is a pilot too. Weird! Just thought I would say hi. Drop me a line if you have a chance
    Take care

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