2006-06-13 21:35:46

As I sat here, tonight…working away as usual…I felt a breeze come through my office window and I realize that I haven’t looked outside almost all day! Sad, I know. (well, except for the 3 minutes I spend outside chasing down my mail lady because she forgot to take the boxes I was mailing!) I suddenly realized that it was a totally incredible, gorgeous day out…and I didn’t even notice.

It made me think of how interesting it is that a wedding photographers life is soo chaotic in the summer…it’s such a contrast to all the laid back, hang out time and loads of fun that everyone else is having! It’s kinda funny, actually! Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE my job and would NOT trade it for anything in the world….it was just a funny revelation I had to day! I really love the summer, though! It’s such a great season! I love flip flops, comfy clothes and wavy summer hair…and hanging out at the pool with friends…having cookouts with my family by their lake, hamburgers & corn on the cob, 80 degree nights, watermelon, long walks in the evening, etc, etc.

I just love it. It’s funny, the older I get (at a ripe old 26! ha!), the more I just love chillin out. I used to totally be a go-go-go….busy busy person, always doing a million things a minute, always had tons of things planned…and lately, I just love chillin out! I’ll take ANY opportunity I can get to go to the pool (although it pretty much never happens) because I get soooo excited about just doing NOTHING! I know I better not get used to it because when I have kids and still run a full time business on my own, I won’t be chillin out AT ALL! For now, I’m going to LOVE IT as much as I can! 😉

Sorry to carry on and on with my personal ramblings…I just hadn’t done a personal post in soo long because I have been soo consumed by business….so I was feeling deprived and needed to just share that with all of you! 😉 So, thanks for listening…..

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  1. Cybil and I hear you! We LOVE our job as well but we miss soooo much of what is going on around us. As you know, our world revolves around what we do. However, there is never a moment that we do not feel blessed to get to do what we do.

    OOOOH MYYYY…even though your kids will be abolute DOLLS!!! The thoughts of little Mark’s running around the world is scary Jess! 🙂 Let’s hope they take after their mommy! 🙂

    We are so ready to work with you two again!

    Love ya guys!


  2. Hey Kid,

    You definetly deserve it….time to breathe and chill that is….
    The funny thing is I’d love to be busy shooting right now.
    Want to trade for a day? I can’t say I wouldn’t like to see you and Lauren….well nothing.

    It’ll be great to see you guys again. Can’t wait. tell Mark he “buttoned hook me, I didn’t know he was going to button hook me!”

  3. HEY GUYS!!! 😉 B&C…WHERE have you been!?? WE MISS YOU!!! Oh, TRUST ME…the thought of little Mark’s running around and ME having to be the MOTHER of them is enough to keep us waiting!! HA!! 😉 We love you guys and CAN’T WAIT to see you! 😉

    ROBBIE….we can TOTALLY trade for a day! Just you wait….this to will be you VERY SOON! I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS WEEKEND…will be SUCH A TOTAL BLAST!! We need it sooooo bad!! SEE YOU FRIDAY!! YAAAA! 😉

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