2010-08-11 17:56:40

My wonderful sister is EXPECTING again and we are SOO EXCITED!!!! She is due in September and our sweet little Charli just turned 2 in June and is growing like a weed, so it was time for more pictures!! I love these three people like crazy….and the 4th one inside too!! 😉 We don’t know if it’s a girl or boy yet so I’ll be excited to announce it when the baby arrives!!

My sister is stunning….and it’s not fair that she got the gorgeous eyes and I just got boring hazel eyes. I’m a little bitter…I’ll admit it. 😉 And gosh, is Charli precious or WHAT?? I’m probably biased, though!

Charli is getting SOOO big and is soo beautiful…I can barely stand it!! I’m soo crazy about that little girl…she lights up all of our lives!! She is also crazy about Sophie or “fofo” as she calls her, in her best effort to say Sophie! She constantly wants to give her kisses and love on her!! Charli’s favorite things at age 2 are her baby doll, her bike and elmo, or “melmo” as she calls him!! When you ask her who her best friend is, she says “AJ” (aunt jess!) and that’s me! Melt my heart!! 😉 I realize I’m going to quickly be replaced by Sophie, though…and I will happily relinquish my position to her! 😉

My absolute favorite!! AYKM with this cuteness? Gosh, I want to be 2 again!!!

I bought these boots for Charli before she was born and I knew I wanted to incorporate them into a shoot at some point! I couldn’t resist just doing the boots with that cute little naked, tan summer body! Hilarious!!

9 responses to “JENNY+CHRIS+CHARLI”

  1. Charli has grown up SO much!!!! She’s absolutely perfection 😀 Those boots?! AYKM??!?! loooove!!!!! I’ve never once thought you and Jenny looked alike… UNTIL TODAY! Love these 🙂

  2. Could that Charli be ANY CUTER!!??!! Love it!! And Jenny and Chris look awesome! She does have stunning eyes!

  3. Wow, Charli is so adorable! I love the pictures. Congrats to Jenny and family! It’s so hard to believe we were just in prenatal classes together for number one………

  4. Thank you Jess for sharing your pictures. Jenny looks awesome, oh and of course you too Chris. Charli is beyond adorable. Can’t wait to see more pictures including your family Jess. Miss you all and see you in November. Love Aunt Jane #1

  5. I love these! Jenny is gorgeous! I loveee the pic with charli poking her belly button! Tooo funny!
    Although the boots pictures are adorable, she will one day want to wring your neck for them I hope you know!!!

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