2006-10-16 11:15:30

It’s not really like me to put something like this on my blog….but this time, I just had to. I caught a glimpse of Oprah, on Friday!

She had BONO on and it was a feature all about the new JOIN RED project. As you know BONO is very passionate about AIDS in Africa. Soo, he single handedly took it upon himself to approach many of the worlds most famous people and most famous retailers and

ask them to create products, with the (RED) theme and sell them…donating 50% or more of the profit to JOIN RED. It’s an organization that purchases medication & vaccinations to give to people in Africa with aids! These medications and vaccinations can either prolong their lives, allow them to be pain free from their symptoms…and in the case of pregnant women, CURE their unborn child of AIDS before they are born! What is most amazing is how little money you have to contribute to make a HUGE difference! So, GAP, APPLE, ARMANI, AMERICAN EXPRESS, MOTOROLA and mannnny other retailers have gone RED (some literally with RED products, some not soo literally)!!

Gap has a line of clothes with the (RED) theme…and simply by buying a TSHIRT, you can provide enough vaccination for 5 pregnant women to have their unborn children CURED of AIDS before they are born! That, to me, is AMAZING. Needless to say, I bought my INSPI(RED) tshirt from GAP.COM and can’t wait to sport it! By buying a

(RED) motorola razor phone, you provide enough vaccination for 20 pregnant women’s unborn children to be cured of AIDS! Apple has a (RED) ipod, Amex has a (RED) card, Armani is selling (RED) bono sunglasses & watches, Converse is selling (RED) shoes, …and there are many more! Oprah is behind the project, as are a LOAD of stars! I think it’s pretty amazing that we can make such a difference, so easily! SOO….GO BUY A (RED) TSHIRT, IPOD, PHONE, ETC!!! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT HOW!!! The only difference between us and the people in Africa is that we happened to be born in a different country and with different circumstances…and knowing that, I can’t help but WANT to help! I always think it’s important to MAKE A DIFFERENCE…and when it’s THIS easy…why NOT!!!

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  1. wow that is awesome! I want to go do it too. I need a new phone and YOU KNOW that I love red. (it’s one of my wedding colors, how cool is that) I need to think of a wedding favor that is part of this Red thing.

  2. OOOhhhh….Mel, that is a SUCH A GREAT IDEA!!!! I’ll be thinking! I got my tshirt and it’s super CUTE!! Red ipods would be the coolest favor of ALL time, but also probably the most expensive!! 🙂 It would be for a GREAT cause, though! 😉

  3. Thanks for the info! I have my nose stuck in books and midterm papers, so I don’t have any idea what’s going on in the world! Thanks for keeping us posted on important stuff. I am so going straight to Verizon to get a new red razor phone!

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