2007-06-01 11:19:58

I had the joy of spending yesterday with two of my favorite kids…Lauren & Alex! I watched them while their parents, who are very dear friends of ours, moved into their new house!! We had a blast….went to the playground, went to McDonalds, had ice cream, went on a walk, played in the sprinklers & more! One of the joys of self employement is having schedule flexibility so that I can have fun opportunities like this! Of course, you have to make up the time…usually in the middle of the night if you are crazy like me….but it’s still nice to be able to be there for friends when you can and have great experiences like this one! I adore these kids soo much! I photographed them both when they were infants and even when their Mom was pregnant with them…so I’ve known them from the start and they are the most precious kids!! As we were walking to the playground and Alex is carrying his “special rock” that he found on our walk earlier and Lauren is hunting out ladybugs, Alex just casually says, “Aunt Jess….I love you”. My heart melted. These two are even bigger fans of Mark…but sadly, he was away on a flight and had to miss our day of fun! Here are a few fun sprinkler pictures….oh, and have I mentioned that I LOVE SUMMER!? It doesn’t get any better than this!!

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  1. HELLO beautiful blue eyes! They look like they’re having a blast…being a kid in the summer is the BEST (being an adult and ordering a forzen magahrita on a hot day isn’t bad either!:)

  2. I Love that first picture of Lauren. Such a beautiful shot, and I’m jealous because I remember the days of “no worried” and summertime playing outside, getting tan, NOT WORKING. LOL!

    Oh the good ‘ol days!!!

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