2006-02-17 14:42:37

I was thinking that it would be polite, since I have shown our personal blog…that I also introduce you to my husband, Mr. Sterling Mark Strickland, AKA Mark. He’s the greatest husband ever, as well as being my very best friend…but of course, I’m biased! I’m totally crazy about him and wish everyone on earth could be in love because if they were, then I think the world would be a much more peaceful place! I have learned soo much from being married and I have found such awesome joy in it, as well! We laugh constantly and just have such a blast together! He’s totally crazy(see the post below) but that’s what I love most about him! So, have I made you wanna ralph yet? hehe! Anyway, if you aren’t married…I highly recommend it! But sorry, my husband is taken!;) (photos by our awesome brother Ben…who is the experteee designer of this snazzy blog and my website! www.redwingstudio.com! he rocks!!!)

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  1. Jess, you and Mark are amazing! you are so adorable! and i love you both very much!!


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