2010-02-25 17:52:08

I seriously have the most wonderful family and friends! I don’t know what I did to deserve them but GOSH, they treat me like a queen!! My mom and sister threw this INCREDIBLE shower for me at the facility that they own and run, the Palomino Ballroom….along with help from my mother in law, sister in law and several great friends! They went overboard and created the most amazing shower ever!! It was just awesome and I felt sooo special! It was complete with incredible decor, butler passed hors d’oeuvres, custom martini’s (non-alcoholic, of course!), an awesome pasta bar for lunch, games, loads of great gifts and MUCH more!!! Soo many of my dearest friends and family came to be with me and made it truly mean soo much! I am soo grateful to have such incredible people in my life!! THANK YOU Mom, Jenny, Linda, Hannah, Lindsay, Erika & Kelly!! I love you all and I truly can’t thank you enough for EVERYTHING that you have done for me and little little baby girl!!!! (photo credit to my wonderful friend & studio manager, Erika!!)

OH…and a quick baby update! Even though she isn’t due until March 13th, my Doctor discovered that this baby might be making an early appearance because I’m “ready” (dilated, effaced, contractions, etc) a bit earlier than they expected! Although, it’s anyone’s guess when she will actually arrive (knowing my luck, she will make me deal with this for several more weeks, show up late and have fooled us all!), everything is in place for it to be any time! So, wish me luck!! I’ll certainly do a baby update when the little one arrives!! 🙂

Mark made an appearance which was FUN and special! 🙂 And my Momma and I!

One of my dearest and oldest friends, Lindsay, who did soo much to help make the shower possible! And my awesome Mom and Sis…the hosts who pulled the whole thing off! 🙂

My niece, Charli!! Can you believe how big she is getting!!! 20 Months already!!

My Mom, Sis and I with Mark’s wonderful Mom and Sister, Linda & Hannah..

We made a BIG announcement that my SISTER IS EXPECTING AGAIN!!!!!! YAY!!!!! 🙂 She is due in September with her 2nd child and we are SOO excited!! 🙂

This was NOT my idea and no, i’m not telling you how big I measured!!!!

Generations…My sis and I, Mom, Grandma and my niece Charli!

My college roommates, who all came from out of city, state or country to be with me! Thanks girls!!! You are the best and I love you! 🙂

And Erika…my awesome studio manager! THANK YOU for taking the pictures, E! You are the best!:)

9 responses to “MY BABY SHOWER!!”

  1. Huge congrats Jessica! You look amazing and SO happy! Your shower looks like it was fabulous!! Be sure to keep us updated on the new arrival! : )

  2. Jessica, these pictures are precious and I am SOO happy for you & Mark! I cannot believe how adorable you are, you are truly glowing. I cannot wait to see you, Mark & your little baby girl for the first time. And Congrats to Jenny on her good news!! How so very exciting for your family, Happy 2010 to the whole family!!!! You are all very blessed!

  3. Your mom and sister loooooooove you! What a fabulous shower! Early congrats to you and Mark. Keep us posted!!!

  4. What a gorgeous party. And speaking of gorgeous, you look AMAZING!! Best wishes to you and your husband, Jessica. I’m sure you’ll be an awesome mom.

  5. What a wonderful baby shower! You are just beautiful and glowing! Congratulations to you and your husband and family! Can’t wait to see your new little girl!

  6. xoxo… thanks sooo much for sharing. miss you and thinking of your family often! cheers to a great thing coming your way!!!!

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