2013-11-05 15:06:09

I’m also beyond blessed to have an incredible family on Mark’s side! We are soo close with both sides of our family and we regularly have all 7 kids together for fun and madness! 😉 ha! They also are soo important to us and support us in countless ways….we would NOT be able to do it without them! If you see me at a wedding, my children are with one of them and it’s such a blessing to have family soo close and be soo wonderful and helpful at all times! Oh and we like to be silly and have fun…if you couldn’t tell! 😉 My nephew’s, Graham and Xavier are all boys and love to be silly…which of course, I love….and our sweet niece Maggie is such a bright, cheery addition to the whole family! It’s also soo fun and special knowing that she will be soo close with Poppy as they grow up since they are only 3 months apart!

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