2013-11-11 22:58:53

I always tell my clients that I feel their pain when it comes to photo shoots because even I dread all the prep, outfit stress, mood management and overall anxiety that comes with photo shoots…all so we can look happy and stylish and like it happened effortlessly! 😉 ha! My dear friend, Jamie Sangar and I have our photo shoot swap worked out for years now and it’s awesome! We have VERY similar kids, busy and active and super spunky…so we are used to the chaos that can easily come from trying to wrangle them for smiles and family time! Well, this year, I had my plan mapped out perfectly….bribery, toys and distraction methods all ready, kids were well rested and well fed….I was doing everything in my power to make sure the shoot was great and the kids were in the best moods possible. So, about 5 mins or so before we pull up to meet Jamie, BOTH kids fall totally asleep. Awesome. Then, the wind picks up as the sun sets and the temps are quickly dropping into the 50’s…we pull them from the warm car out into the cold and wind….and of course, they both start SCREAMING. and never EVER stop. Insert Jamie into the story, as she attempts to capture this screaming frenzy that is our family photo shoot. We were both pulling all of our tricks out to try to get the kids out of their screaming and nothing was working. Luckily, she and I both packed tons of bribery and Jamie was quick with the shutter when Sophie would sneak a bite of candy and flash a few VERY quick smiles before returning to the screaming. When we decided it was no longer worth the fight, I was pretty sure that the shoot was a total bust. We maybe had a total of 5 minutes without crying…and that’s being generous. When Jamie shared these images with me, I was amazed! Jamie…YOU ROCK!!! Can’t thank you enough for your patience and the images!!! The next day, on Jamie’s birthday, she was the lucky one in front of the camera….and luckily, her kids were in much better moods than mine and we had an awesome shoot! We love the Sangar’s….they are our dear friends and it’s always such an honor to photograph them! They are pretty easy on the eyes too…and seriously, they create the most crazy beautiful children….I just need them to have a girl and we will be set! 😉



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