2008-04-24 10:26:58

It’s BLOG UPDATE time, if you couldn’t tell! hehe!! So, my sister is PREGNANT, as you know!! She also isn’t a HUGE fan of being on the blog but she has no choice! 😉 We did a few quick pictures of her the other night! Isn’t she CUTE!!! Gosh…I’m soo excited for her LITTLE GIRL to arrive that I could almost BURST!!!!! 🙂

And her current baby…. 😉

7 responses to “my.SISTER”

  1. You are gorgeous Jenny!!! Look at your eyes and beautiful smile! You look so cute with that belly too! I can’t wait to come visit and see the baby. I know Jess is out of her mind excited.

    miss you girls!

    Hi to Ray and Debbie for me!

  2. You look so beautiful and I know you will be a wonderful mother, just like your own. Love you and miss you lots! We can’t wait to see your new daughter. Love to all of you.

  3. o sally. poor baby. what is she gonna do when the attention isnt on her anymore?

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