2010-05-11 18:27:07

This cute little girl named Sophie is totally the one to blame for me being sooo behind on blog posts!! Be mad at her, not me! 😉 I’m just now getting to posting our family shoot at her 5 week birthday, now that she is 9 weeks old! After catching a lot of flack for not posting current pictures, I figured I better hop to it. We did this shoot in our home studio and I have to admit…it’s nice having that around! 🙂

Thanks to Erika for helping do this shoot for us!

13 responses to “OUR.FAMILY”

  1. Beautiful, Jess! How in the world did Miss Sophie sleep through all of that? Ha! Your studio is just awesome. Congratulations on your perfect little family.

  2. My wife is sooo beautiful and my baby is sooo precious. I am the luckiest man in the world!!!

  3. You all have the look of happiness and love in your eyes that only babies bring. Your family is complete .Congratulations to all of you… it goes by so quickly, so write down the little “cutisms” she does. Best to you both. What great parents she has!

  4. Love this little happy family. Gorgeous pictures. I am leaving Hawaii tomorrow and the 2 grandkids which are phenominal. Had lots of fun …..and oodles of work. See you soon.

  5. The two of you have been blessed with a beautiful Daughter. Sleeping or awake, she takes such gorgous picures. I love all the pictures that you take. Please try to make some time to spoil her…..I have a new grandaughter that will be 8 months on the 24th of July. She only lives three blocks away, unlike Jeremy, Abby, Ella, and Merritt. I can’t wait to see their pictures……

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