2008-06-16 14:12:58

MY SISTER IS IN LABOR and so I’m out of the office!! We came into the hospital last night (I had to be her hospital partner because her husband had to work) and as of 3pm today, it looks like we will have a BABY by evening!! It’s been a little slow, but she isn’t in a ton of pain (thank GOODNESS for epidurals!!). We’re SOO excited and anxiously waiting! For now, we’re just chillin, watching a little tv, enjoying the in-hospital starbucks and watching the contraction monitor closely!! Sadly, the room doesn’t have internet so I can’t post pictures…however, it is pretty sweet and has a computer that comes out of the ceiling and right to your chair….and so I thought I would just update everyone! If you are waiting on me for anything, I really appreciate your patience!!

I’ll report with pictures SOOOOOON!

xoxo! jess 🙂

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