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2006-12-28 09:59:31

Uhhhhh!! The past few days have been NO FUN because I have been super sick! I got sick on Christmas eve….and sure enough, spent Christmas under the weather! 🙁 It’s pathetic….Zicam, Hall’s and Puffs Plus have seriously become my new best friends….although I’m slightly bitter because the Zicam does not work nearly as well as the commercial says! I’m not over my cold within 24 hours…I’m considering asking for my money back. It was the most sad last night when I had to cancel a dinner party that I was throwing and SOO excited about! I was having all of my high school girl friends over…we haven’t seen each other in a while…and it was going to be such a blast!! I was soo looking forward to it…and I had everything ready…the house was clean, the table had been set, the wine was chilled, glasses and serving pieces were all out and ready…and I even had the food defrosted and the drinks mixed…all I had to do was put the food in the oven! Then, I started to feel really really bad and had to lay down….and within a few hours of the party, I couldn’t even stand up because I felt soo awful! So, as much as it made me sad…I had to call everyone and cancel! It was such a bummer and I’m still soo sad about it! I think it was too much Christmas fun…it just put me over the edge and totally zapped me! At least I’ve been able to catch up on my movies because I can’t move and have to lay on the couch. Just encase you haven’t seen the Break Up….it’s kindof a lame movie. BAD ending. I also got to see the slightly sad and ultra family conflict packed Family Stone for a second time. That is a sad and strange movie, but I kindof liked it. Anyway….lucky for me, I have a really hot nurse named Mark who makes me soup and hot tea…and makes being sick not too awful!! I have a great wedding coming up tomorrow, though….and yes, I’m working hard to medicate myself properly in preparation for the wedding….and i’ll report back with lots of fun pictures! 🙂 In the meantime, wish me a super speedy recovery! 😉

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  1. Oh Jess, I am so sorry. My sister came with me to meet my future in-laws over Christmas and we got all the way up to Michigan and she got the flu Christmas eve. It sucks! I’m sure your sexy nurse is taking very good care of you:) Make sure to take your vitamins! The Break Up is aweful, but you are probably a Jennifer Aniston fan, as I, and thought it would be good…WRONG! I love the Family Stone, but can never watch it again b/c I find myself slightly depresed for three days! Have you seen Friends with Money…another Jennifer Aniston movie that I heard was not so great. My personal funny “feel good” movies are Old School & Wedding Crashers (I hope that doesn’t make me look bad) Also, you are such an outgoing, energetic person (yes, even through your blog we can all tell how crazy happy you are ALL the time:), now that you’re sick I feel a little down, too. Well, I hope I written enough that you have had a little somethng to read on the couch. Glenn and I are going to do some wedding “stuff” today and I wil be thinking about you the whole time b/c I am sooooooo super excited for you take the pics! Feel better soon:)

  2. I’m so sad to hear that you’re under the weather! I’ve been around so many people with colds over the past week that I told Brandon I just want to stay in the house in seclusion until the cold and flu season is over. 🙁 I hope that you’re feeling a little better by tomorrow! I know how it is to have to work when you feel like staying in bed. Rest up and feel better!! I’ll be praying for you. Looking forward to seeing you and Mark tomorrow!

  3. Hope you feel better soon! No fun shooting a wedding when you’re sick! Drink lots of OJ, and take some Aleve for the body aches and fever!

    I just feel for you having to cancel your little dinner party. What an absolute bummer! Hopefully you can still get together and do it!

    Have a wonderful New Year!!

  4. I TOTALLY relate! I got struck with the dreaded Christmas Cold on Christmas night and am just now feeling better 3 days later. Might I add that I too took Zicam and I am equally as UNimpressed with its healing powers. I got a chance to catch up on movies too and funny enough I watched those movies too but I felt opposite from you. I loved Break-Up but was super disappointed in Family Stone. Although Dermot Mulroney makes almost anything bearable.:) Feel better soon!!

  5. Well Melissa…I suppose I should rephrase my opinions on the movies…I thought the break up was great…and funny…and had an UNCANNY way of meshing every couples relationship(in one way or another) into one movie..BUT it was the ending! I was like…THAT IS IT!?? Are you kidding??? I was bummed. I was like “that’s not how it is….you don’t just pine over a guy forever and do everything in your power to make him realize that he loves you, then he finally realizes it and professes his love for you and then you say, sorry…just kidding, I don’t love you anymore, then leave and see each other on the street months later and act like the best of friends!?? I mean, she looks like an idiot because she acted like a crazy person to get him to love her, then he does and the poor guy totally gets the SHUN! That’s just not how it goes and I couldn’t believe the movie ended like that. It’s like they ran out of money and couldn’t finish the movie or something! ha!! Yes, the Family Stone is quite strange and moreso the first time you watch it. The first time I saw it, it ended and I still had that “what the heck just happened” look on my face. I mean, the whole girl swap thing and the wierdness. Second time, things don’t seem as strange! ha!! I wasn’t expecting it to be the kind of movie it was…chocked full of wierdness and awkward moments…but then super emotional and making me cry like a baby the next minute.

    K…, sorry…I just realized I have written about paragraph about my movie opinions…yikes, I need to get a grip. If you haven’t seen the movies…well, sorry…I just killed it for you! ;(

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