2011-03-24 15:51:27

We did a quick 1 year photo shoot the other day! Our girl is growing like a weed and making us smile NON stop! 🙂 She is soo cute and sweet and funny at 1 year old! She is saying a ton of words…like Dada, duck, go, uh-oh, hi, wow, cat, etc. She will even make a good effort at singing Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. It’s just precious!! No matter how hard I try, though…I just CAN’T get her to say MAMA! I’ve been trying since she was born…and then, of course, her first word was DADA (figures!!)…and then she’s started to talk non stop and say words, but NOT Mama! When I ask her to say MAMA, she smiles and smirks…and says DADA! No kidding. I’m trying not to take it personally! 😉 It’s actually pretty funny. She’s fully aware of what she’s doing…and the little laugh she gives when I ask her to say MAMA confirms it! 😉 She is walking SOO well now! It’s happened QUICKLY…she took her good first set of steps on her own just two days after her birthday and now, just 2 short weeks later, she walks with ease and is getting FAST!! Sometimes we are short of shocked when she comes around the corner walking like she’s been doing it forever! Funny other tidbits….she thinks every animal is a DUCK. Her favorite show is Wheel of Fortune. When it comes on the TV…she stops EVERYTHING and gives it her full attention (even though she could care less about TV otherwise and she never watches it!)! Who knew a 1 year old could be in love with a game show! Her favorite food is goldfish! She can’t eat many things that are unhealthy because of her metabolic disorder, MCADD’s, but goldfish are her one indulgence and she LOVES them. Her favorite song remains to be the Itsy Bitsy Spider and it has served to calm her in the fiercest of crying fits since the day she was born…although Twinkle Twinkle is starting to take a close second! She is also baby doll obsessed! My mom gave her a full sized baby doll for her birthday and she hasn’t let her go since! We named her Kate! 🙂 We are having the time of our lives! 🙂

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  1. Light of your lives I can tell and totally spoiled with those baby Luckies! Just wait till she gets older and wants everything designer!

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