2010-03-28 17:01:26

Finally, the first official shoot of OUR little Sophie! The blog has been waiting for this one for a WHILE and I can’t believe it’s finally here!! 🙂

I know, I know…. it’s already overdue and I’m a bit behind…but you know what they say…the shoemakers kids never have shoes…or something like that! 😉 It’s crazy how much harder it is to stop and get a photo shoot in when you aren’t just the photographer coming in for a shoot….instead, you are the mom, the milk machine ;), the diaper changer, the house cleaner, trying to get enough sleep to function, still run the business and then being the photographer on top of all of that! Phew, it’s crazy…but we are loving it, still! 🙂

Here is our sweet and precious Sophie at one week old!!

I had a little inspiration from the insanely talented newborn photographer, Carrie Sandoval with Captured by Carrie…but since I couldn’t get Sophie out to her studio in San Diego, I decided to try it on my own! Plus I was only brave enough to try it on my own child versus someone else’s! 😉

Thanks to my dear friend, Nicole, for snapping a few quick family shots for us while she visited Sophie! 🙂

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  1. Hey! They didn’t turn out too bad. It always makes me nervous taking pictures for such a talented, creative and awesome photographer. Miss Sophie will have the ultimate baby albums! Beautiful… once again.

  2. Mark & Jess- absolutely beautiful! i can not wait to meet this precious little girl!

  3. I love them! She is so beautiful and already has the coolest headband collection! <3

  4. JESS!!!!!! These are amazing – she is such a cute little peanut!!! I love her. 🙂 I SOOO wanted to try the hanging thing too, but that shot just never happened (for us). I was thinking the same thing, well I would love to try it with my baby, but not so sure about someone elses. So funny about all of the different hats we wear – I think we both might want to look into a house cleaner – I mean, come on, we can’t do it all!!!! Love you guys, love the photos!!! xoxoxox

  5. Precious, God’s gift; brings tears to my eyes!! We are so overwhelmingly blessed!!!!!

  6. Jess, SOOOO beautiful…I’ve been waiting for these to come up on the blog! I love how she purses her lips! Can’t wait to meet her!

  7. Jess & Mark….God has indeed blessed you with a beautiful little girl…amazing pictures and I love her name! Best wishes, Love Aunt Mary

  8. Awesome pictures. She is so beautiful!!! Isn’t parenthood the greatest.

  9. LOVE HER. great photos. she looks like you Jess… well her lips. the rest of her looks like mark. weird how that happens huh. lol Half you, half him. 🙂 k… I want to meet her. 🙂

  10. Just precious! What a beautiful family you have! These images are so perfect, love all the soft textures and that hanging pose is awesome! Congrats again!!!

  11. Before Sophie was born, I thought I wanted 4 children. Now that she’s here, I KNOW I want 10!! I love you baby girl!!! Thanks Nicole!

  12. Really cute baby. No kidding! Axel calls dibs on the first date…kiss.

    Can’t wait to see the Family.


  13. Congratulatins Jess and Mark. Sophie may become one of the most photographed human beings in the USA, and she looks equipped to be a great model. What a sweetie. Enjoy every moment!

    Uncle Lou

  14. I think you even captured the blemish on the bottom of her foot, probably from the heel stick checking her glucose levels? I’m serious, she is one pretty baby. You know some babies really aren’t very cute but Sophie Rae is just perfect. Congratulations! (I have a Logan Rae (girl)). 🙂

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