.tag…..i’m it.

2007-09-11 23:37:26

SOOO, there is this crazy game going around in the “PHOTO WORLD” and it’s called TAG!! You are supposed to TAG people and then they have to share 10 little know facts about themself! Well, I have OFFICIALLY been tagged by 15 PEOPLE (I would list them if I had kept track of them!!), so I GUESS I better get on this TAG THING ALREADY!!! Sorry for being a slacker, guys!! Thanks for thinking of me and TAGGING me!!

SO, a few LITTLE KNOWN facts about me….

1. I’m colorblind!! (but don’t worry, it doesn’t affect my picture taking abilities! Just don’t ask me to pick a color for you to wear, it could get ugly!) (oh…and yes, it’s very true! most people think I’m lying!)
2. I grew up in California, on the beach!! (literally, we lived on the beach! who knows WHY I’m now living in the middle of a bunch of cornfields in Indiana! I love Indiana, though!)
3. I was once on the TV SHOW Growing Pains!! (have the tape to prove it!)
4. I was raised in a Roller Skating Rink that my parent’s owned…my parents have always owned businesses and still do to this day, that’s where I get it!! NOW, we’re all in the wedding business! Go figure!! They sold the Rink…when the 80’s roller skating fad was over! ha!
5. One of my alltime favorite things is sleeping!!
6. I’m not really a blonde!! (SHOCKING, i know!!!)
7. I’m a majorly hopeless romantic….luckily, so is Mark! We’re soo gushy and sappy that it’s SICKENING!! It’s SOO BAD that we both often make fake puking noises at ourselves when we just get soo lovey that it’s nauseating!!
8. I was the prom queen! HA!! (although, it’s not something I’m terribly proud of!)
9. My favorite color is GRAY (blame it on the colorblindness!)
10. My maiden name is HEAD, yes…h.e.a.d. (needless to say, I was RUNNING to the altar to get Strickland!!)

I am now supposed to TAG like 10 other people, but I’m SOO late in this game that I’m am nearly SURE that there is NOONE LEFT to TAG and so I’ll just let that part go! 😉

9 responses to “.tag…..i’m it.”

  1. “3. I was once on the TV SHOW Growing Pains!! (have the tape to prove it!)” —- These tapes ARE coming out the next time we’re at your house! We have GOT to see this!

  2. 3. I was once on the TV SHOW Growing Pains!! (have the tape to prove it!) ~ THAT cracks me up! Needless to say… I would LOVE to see that tape! ahahahah KElly

  3. Growing Pains!! You’re famous!!! Was it when Leonardo DeCaprio was on the show!?! Color blind….interesting…I have a few questions for you….like how can you be the most “awesomist” photographer in the whole world and be color blind!?!

  4. I agree with Cybil…the tape must be shown to us next time we are over! I think we should make it a web video as well.

    Have I got a question for Sterling?!?!?!? 🙂

    See you losers Saturday!


  5. what!? you’re color blind? i can’t wrap my head around that b/c when i think of your style, i think of bright, vibrant COLORS. how does that work? does it affect your pp in anyway?

  6. I must say I was NOT shocked by a single comment!! I guess that’s what happens when you live at each others houses in your younger days!!! They did bring a smile to my face though:)

  7. Head? Reminds me of “So I married an axe murderer”.


    “HEAD, Gitch your mother the paper, if ya’ can. …Carry’n that large cranium about. …I’m Naught kidd’n that’s a HUGE noggin’.”


    Anyway, would have never guessed you were color blind, as your photos are so wonderfully colorful.


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