2011-11-01 22:34:33

Another family shoot! This time, for Mark’s family! Hannah, Ben, Graham and Xavier…our wonderful family…and our neighbors! We love them soo much and are soo blessed to have them in our lives! It’s soo hard to believe that Graham is now 4 years old (5 in January!)…when it seems like only yesterday, he practically had a daily shoot on my blog when he was born as the first child into the family!! Now Xavier is 2 (3 in March!) and everyone is growing soo quickly!! Oh…and a full family shot at the end! Told you that I was trying to capture everyone this year!

We were at my in-laws house for a family day of birthday celebrations when we did this shoot…and so Soph naturally ended up in the shoot! She loves her cousins, her Auntie H and her Umbleken, as she calls him (aka, Uncle Ben)! And I couldn’t help but shoot a few of my FAVORITE tree….. it’s such a beautiful, magestic old tree that is absolutely massive!! It’s estimated to be over 200 years old….and seen soo many generations, seasons, storms and sunshine…it’s amazing. One of my favorite things to do each fall is to visit Mark’s parents property and see my favorite tree!

And the whole clan from earlier this fall…

7 responses to “THE HUDDLESTON FAMILY”

  1. Soooo cute!! Great images! ….and what an amazing tree!!! I love it, wish it was in my yard.
    Soph’s jeans couldn’t be cuter on her. Love the gap shirt too. And that picture of her being thrown in the air with the tree in the background…wow!!!

  2. THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!! As always you work magic out of a crazy couple of boys!!! Gorgeous pictures!!! Thank you for sharing your gift with us! It’s one of a million ways we benefit from having you in our lives! We are so grateful!

  3. Love these Jes! That picture of Mark and Sophie forehead to forehead makes my heart skip a beat. SO sweet. She adores her Dada for sure!

  4. Jess, you better head Mark off before he reads JEN_O’s comment above and gets the wrong idea. 😀 love all the photos. Thanks!

  5. Hehe…Jen, that’s actually her Uncle Ben! 🙂 She does adore her Uncle Ben, though, so it’s quite fitting. Not sure any of us match her love for her Daddy, although I sure do try… 😉

  6. What a happy, blessed family! The photos are great, Jess.

  7. Love all of these! Beautiful people…beautiful background. Makes me miss everyone. That tree is amazing! Thanks for sharing.

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