2012-03-04 08:00:50

When you become a parent, you really understand why they say that time flies when you have kids…even more than normal. It’s soo true and I can barely believe (or type this without getting teary) that two years ago today,  I gave birth to this amazing child and she instantly became such a special part of our lives, our family and our hearts…it seems like it was just yesterday!! We will never be the same, we have been transformed….in the best way! Kids do that to you, they make you realize what life is really about…and also what’s just not that important anymore. We absolutely adore our sweet (and sometimes rotten!) 😉 Sophie! She blows us away with how precious she is, how funny she is, how sweet she can be, how defiant she can be, how smart she is and how much we LOVE her!! At two years old, Sophie is speaking in full sentences and LOTS of them (she’s chatty…I have NO idea where she gets it!) ;), singing an endless list of songs, says her abcs and counts to 20, does sooo many things that CRACK us up and has lots of attitude and sassiness packed into her little body!! A few days ago, when being put in time out, for some not so great behavior…and not wanting to go, she looked at me and strongly said, “I’M IN CHARGE!!” and then when I gave her the “oh no you didn’t just talk to me like that” look….she instantly said, “OK YOU CAN BE IN CHARGE TOO!”!! haaaa!!! We get an endless supply of funny and sweet things every day…I don’t have enough journals to keep record of it all. Then, when she runs up to us and gives us the biggest squeezes and says her famous phrase “I LOVE YOU ALLLLLL THE TIME!”, then we are putty in her hands and just melt with love for her!! HAPPY 2ND BIRTHDAY, to our sweet Sophie! We love you like CRAZY….

In honor of Sophie’s second birthday and HELLO KITTY party, we painted her nails pink and Erika captured the fun! 🙂

4 responses to “THE QUEEN OF MY HEART”

  1. Oh my goodness, she’s the cutest! and Jess, you’re gorgeous! Models, both of you! Sheer joy and love just oozes from this post – I LOVE IT! Great shots, Erika!! Happy Birthday, Sophie!

  2. what’s so amazing about this precious child is that she’s a carbon copy of her Mamma in looks at that age and personality…..a delight to all!……xoxo…..Granny

  3. Hi Jessica! We met at Aanchal & Sumit’s wedding in Columbus and I just adore your work. And how sweet it is to learn of your gorgeous little daughter! Happy Birthday Sophie! My little girl, Eris, just turned two this past weekend! March babies! Awe, what a beautiful journey motherhood is and so sweet to have been blessed with lovely little girls.

    Best to you and your future. Again, so honored to have been able to work with you in Columbus. I hope it happens again. =)


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