2006-06-26 19:19:04

As I previously mentioned, Tricia is one of my best friends from college. I was in the wedding, as were my other two college roommates(we’re all in the horizontal picture below)! We all three teamed up and helped to shoot the wedding, with our two other close college friends as the primary shooters! It was crazy..but super fun!! I guess that is what happens when you all graduate from photography school together! 😉 We sincerely looked like the paparazzi! I think people totally thought Tricia & Jeff were famous b/c noone could see them past all the photographers! I wonder what they thought when half the photographers were in bridesmaids dresses! HA!! Anyway…it was a GREAT day…Tricia was soo radiant & happy! I loved seeing her be soo happy and excited…because she’s usually super low key, so when she’s super happy, she just lights up with joy and she can’t hide it! It’s soo cute!! 🙂 My college friends and I are like family….we lived together for years…we’ve been through everything together, it’s awesome. Our one roommate, Nicole…just had a baby….Chase! I adore him…I almost stole him from her because I just looooove him sooo much. I miss my friends already. We had a BLAST though and I can’t wait till September…because we have another wedding and we’ll all be together again! 🙂

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  1. L…I can’t wait to see yours! Are you going to put them on your blog?? I also CANNOT wait till September! I have started writing my inspiration thoughts down ALREADY!! yaaaaay! 😉

  2. These are so great, Jess! You have caputed the day wonderfullly and just think….Tricia still has four more photographers! What a very lucky bride!

  3. Jessica, these are absolutely FANTASTIC! It is so great to see all of you together. You all look BEAUTIFUL! I love the picture of the four of you – just like old times at OIP&T. And it is so nice to see an image of Lisa! But above all I have never seen Tricia look more radiant – which is the way it should be on her wedding day. Thank you for sharing and again kudos on the wonderful photography!

  4. Jessica – Your photos are so amazing. Do you do a x-process during your post editing? Your colors are vibrant (exactly the look I want) so amazing and I can’t seem to get anything like it!

  5. looks like you had fun! 🙂 the pictures are beautiful!
    i bet my wedding will be full of photographers too because of all my friends from school. that will be funny. 🙂

  6. Hey, Jessica! This is April with A & F Productions. My husband and I worked with you on Morgan and Andrew’s wedding in May.

    Could not resist the question of the week…
    The Apple Store would be a definite, but the one in NYC that just opened.
    B and H Photo also in NYC. Okay, that is enough for the “Biz” side of things.

    Personally, my husband and I would rip off the IKEA store in Schaumburg, IL. We love everything in that place. Most of our home furnishings are from there but we still have a couple more rooms to re-do!

    By the way, your work is awesome! We loved meeting you and your husband! Have an awesome weekend!!! We have two weddings this weekend. Love this time of year!!!

  7. Beautifulll shots Jessica!

    I can honestly say that your works truely inspires me to shoot weddings for the rest of my life (which I’m really planning to) when I graduate from my photography program!

    ps. wanna share your secret on how you edit your photos to get that SUPER VIVID colors? *wink**wink* 😛

  8. You’re amazing!!! Loved spending time with you at the wedding, and can’t wait til Missy’s BIG day!!!

    Love you, Nicole

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