2007-04-01 16:43:58

WOW…..WHERE to even begin???? I guess by saying that Vegas was the BEST EVER this year….and I could NOT have had more fun (until next year!!) or shared it with MORE WONDERFUL people! I seriously am SOO blessed with the MOST wonderful friends! All of my very best friends are people who I adore more than words can say and I got to share most of my trip with them…and that made it soo totally special. I also got to see old friends who I love and met lots of new ones, who I now love!! I traveled with two of my best friends, Robbie & Lauren(thanks r&l for putting up with me…sorry you had to be the third wheel r.)….and we went to work in the tradeshow booth of our dear friend, Gary Fong….and have FUN…and THAT WE DID….it was such a GREAT time!! I could seriously go on forever and tell many GREAT stories…but I just want to show the pictures because that will tell the story! I love you ALL and cannot tell you how MUCH FUN I had!! Till next year…. 😉

(oh…the disclaimer…..these images were shot with the worlds worst point and shoot camera and in NO way reflect my photographic abilities!!)

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  1. Hey Jessica! It was great to see you again this year! It’s way too bad that I see so many friends only once a year…but hopefully that will be different this year. Hey…do you now ANYONE that has a “non-world’s-worste” point and shoot? lol If so, let me know so I can get one too. 🙂


    I miss you! come back. actually come to seattle now cause I am no longer in vegas. if you don’t come by tuesday then you have to come to canada, cause i will be there on tuesday. lol just follow me wherever I go. I need you near me! lol

    I had the best time! we have awesome friends!!!!

  3. YEAH!!! I am on Jess’s blog – too bad I look yucky from my cold, which I still have 🙁

    Again, it was so great seeing you!! I LOVE all of your pics – there really can never be too many of you, Missy and Lauren, right?!

  4. why isn’t my name highlighted in pink like everyone else’s? dumb!

    miss you. kisses!

  5. cause you didn’t put your website in when you commented….

    when you put your site in, then it links your name to your site!

    LOVE YOU!!! xoxo!! 🙂

  6. LOVE it!!! it really was such a GREAT TIME!!! there are though a TON of us!!!!!!! ok, so i miss you guys and i’m ready for it to be the next time we see eachother, is it may yet?!
    big hugs!

  7. Jess!!

    Aw man when I asked a few months ago you said you weren’t going…awwww….I would have loved to have met face to face….:(

  8. Shut up, Mel! 😉

    I wasn’t planning on going and did cancel my room and everything….but then ended up going at the last minute…to work at the tradeshow for my friend!

    I am indecisive, though! 😉

  9. What a great slideshow! It was really wonderful to finally meet you Jessica, we have heard nothing but fantastic things about you…and of course they are right…right Brandy? hehe. We’ll have to hook up some other time…maybe flying lessons? 😉

    take care and keep in touch,
    Joy and Garrett

  10. Hi Jess, It was great meeting you. Melissa always has something nice to say about you. Wish I could have hung out more; you guys are so much fun. Time just flies when we’re there and then all we want to do is sleep when we get home. Looking forward to next year already, LOL. Take care

  11. Hey Jess! Just wanted to say it was great to finally meet you at WPPI! (I met you, Bobbi, and Lauren. I had freaky red eyes from eye surgery). Anyways, your awesome. Your work is awesome.

  12. Awww…guys, thanks SOO MUCH for all the kind words!! It was SOOO nice to finally meet SOO MANY of you!!! I wish we had MORE TIME to hang out!!!

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