2012-08-23 18:23:41

You know how you have those moments in life that really make you realize how fast time is going? Seeing Alec as a senior is one of those moments for me…I literally can’t believe that he’s a senior. You see, he’s my cousin and I remember vividly when he was born, remember what a funny child he was, remember when he became a brother and have pictures of him holding his baby sister….and now he’s grown…he’s taller than me, he’s going to be a senior in High School and then be going off to college. It was really special for me to do this shoot because he lives in Michigan and he & my aunt made the trip to Indy for this shoot! Thanks soo much for doing that, Kary & Alec! I’m soo proud of you, Alec, the awesome person you’ve become, the incredible athlete you are and the man you are becoming! Love you! 🙂




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  1. Great pictures!!! Especially like the one with the word “truth”. So proud of the fantastic young man Alec is…athletic, smart, handsome. Can wait to see where life’s journey takes him. Also so proud of my beautiful, talented, charismatic daughter Jess. You continue to wow me with your incredibly awesome pictures,helping families make memories to last a lifetime and more.

  2. Awesome, awesome, awesome! Wow, really great Jess (&Alec). The b&w with the ski’s is soooo editorial looking, looks like it was out of a ski magazine article (Favorite, by far!). Also the last one with the ski’s is fantastic. The b&w where he is looking back over his shoulder is very nice. Good work you two… love to you both.

  3. Thanks a million Jess!! What awesome pics – you never cease to amaze us with your incredible talent!! You rock!! Thanks again for all your time – we had a great time with you, and are elated with all the great pics you took of Alec!! Love you!! xoxoxo

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