2014-04-11 15:38:42

I’ve LOVED this family since I had the awesome opportunity to work with them for Amanda & Mike’s wedding last year! They are all such truly genuine, warm, wonderful people…it’s impossible not to love them! Well, when Amanda reached out to me to tell me that she was planning a surprise event for her Mom’s birthday, I was soo excited to be in on the surprise and get to capture it! It was SUCH an absolute shock to Alice that this entire surprise unfolded as it did! A limo arrived to pick her up (the first of the surprises) and when she opened the door, Amanda and Mike were waiting inside and had flown in from Wisconsin to surprise her! In her exact words, “I about fainted when I saw them”! They strategically planned to give her a glass of champagne in the limo to calm her a bit before throwing the biggest surprise at her. That was a good call! 😉 She thought they were coming in for dinner before heading to a concert….and when she arrived, it was priceless. Everyone she loves, family and friends all filled the room! She was soo genuinely surprised!! I was worried for a minute that she just might faint! 😉 Luckily, she was surrounded by her family for support and she was just soo truly happy! It was precious! Amanda and Amy, her daughters, planned such a fantastic party at Northside Kitchenette (a FAB place for a party, btw!!)…and thought of everything! It was such a special event with a truly awesome family…and I LOVED getting to be in the surprise and capture it! Happy 60th Birthday, Alice! You are one loved lady!! 🙂

2 responses to “ALICE’S SURPRISE PARTY”

  1. Thank you sooooo much Jess!! Awesome, amazing, fabulous pics as always! We were so honored to have you be part of the celebration! XOXO!!!

  2. Jessica…..thank you for capturing the many magical moments during Alice’s party. You are THE BEST !!!

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