2011-10-21 14:10:23

I have been waiting for the call that sweet baby Louis was HERE…and I finally got it!! When the call didn’t come for about 3 weeks past the expected time, I started to really feel for Melissa (who you might remember from her recent maternity shoot!) because I knew that she had to be soo ready!! She ended up going to 42 weeks with him and made an incredibly valiant attempt at natural delivery, even at 42 weeks, with all 9.6 pounds  & 22 inches of him…so, Louis, just a tip…I would highly recommend you start planning a lovely trip to Europe for her when you are of age, as your payback for all that your Mom endured on your behalf! 😉 All joking aside, I walked into P.J. & Melissa’s….and could have almost melted when I saw Louis. He is pure sweetness, absolute perfection and worth every minute of waiting!! Melissa & P.J., I have grown to adore you guys through our time together (I had a feeling I would when we first met!) and I am soo grateful to be the chosen one to capture your beautiful family!! All my love…and wishes for lots of sleep! xoxo! 🙂 (oh and yes, I’ll admit it, I was a wee bit obsessed with his nursery, hence all the detail shots!)

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