2007-02-13 12:03:05

What a fun shoot I had with little Braeden! Oh my gosh, he is SOOO cute…I could barely STAND IT!!! If you have been a longtime blog follower, you might remember this sweet baby that posted about a year ago! Well, this is him getting soo big and soo super duper cute!! Time flies….I can barely believe that I photographed his parents wedding many years ago, then photographed him as a newborn and now he’s all big and his parents are expecting their second little one! It’s crazy!! We had such fun, though…he’s soo smiley and cute…and even his serious and pouty expressions are just adorable!!! See for yourself…

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  1. Holy super duper cute little guy!!! What’s crazy is that I have been reading your blog for a year already! Ever since the Chicago OSA Tour! It’s been a lot of fun seeing all of your amazing work over the past year. Isn’t it fun to be able to go back and look thru it?!

    ps We need to get in touch about August. Let me know when you have some free time to talk!! Gettin way excited for it!

  2. how do you always get the light so bright and amazing!!! It looks so natural but I can’t imagine that each and every time you are shooting that there is such beautiful light. I don’t know how you do it, but you do it so well 🙂


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