2008-01-24 14:58:24

I can honestly tell you that Chasity might be the CUTEST pregnant woman on earth!! It’s not even fair…she has a perfect figure, with a little basketball just hanging out in front!!! Did I mention it wasn’t fair! I’m starting to pray now that I look like this when I am pregnant!

For real, though….Chas & Brandon…i had SUCH a blast with you two!! THANK YOU for opening your home to me and for such a fun, relaxed time….and for working it for the camera! You two are rockstars! Hate to tell you that soon, though….your camera days will be over because your little BABY is going go STEAL the show! 😉 Looking at you two, it’s going to be off the CHARTS cute!! I can’t WAIT to meet the little one!! You two are really soo wonderful….I loved my time with you! THANKS, again! 😉 Oh…and yes, I totally went to Chipotle after our shoot! 😉 Thanks for inducing my craving! 😉

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  1. Beautiful picutures, and I’m sure you will still look STUNNING pregnant.

    By the way—the last picture in black&white is my FAVORITE! I love the contrast.

  2. Ok, Jess, if we pray hard enough God will make sure we only gain 8 pounds. I will pray for you and you pray for me. When the time comes, it will all work out and everything will be fine, everythng will be fine, everything will be fine….. 🙂

    Seriously, though, she looks amazing and soo cute! My favs are the first and last pics. She looks so relaxed and happy in the first pic and they both look so darn cute in the last pic!

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