2007-11-11 23:55:01

aren’t these two ADORABLE!! 🙂 they are the sweet little boys of my friend, client and fellow photographer, Lucy! Great seeing you Lucy….the boys are soo great…thanks for a fun shoot! 🙂


And the new cutie on the block…Marshall…

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  1. Beautiful pictures. The second to last one of Marshall is perfect. Damon is like a professional model. sue

  2. Not only as a fellow photographer and OIP&T’er, but as Lucy’s friend, I think these portraits are amazing! They really capture Lucy and her family. I miss Damon so much since they moved, and it was great to see portraits that really captured his personality.

  3. Lucy,

    I don’t know how you could ever pick. I seriously think Damon’s pictures could win some national contest. Marshall’s are also sweet. I can’t wait to see his personality come out. I’m really looking forward to our annual shopping trip. See you then. Gretchen

  4. Lucy! What gorgeous boys you have!!! That would be so hard to pick from…they are all so adorable! Have a great Thanksgiving! Love, The Tufts Family

  5. Ooooooh, these make me want to cry. Damon looks so much different! He didn’t look that much older in the pics Lucy emailed me when Marshall was first born. What happened? Where does the time go???? These are AWESOME!!

  6. Awesome pictures! I enjoyed looking at them all! It was good to get to see you all last weekend! They are certainly keepers!

  7. Damon has always been a good one for pictures. I use to babysit him in Ohio. You did a great job with both boys. He looks so grown up and is just darling in the pictures. You got great shot. Joan Emory

  8. Lucy – These are AMAZING!!! I can’t believe how big Damon has gotten-he’s adorable! And Marshall is perfect – what a happy family! Love, Karin

  9. I have to say those are some good looking boys! They definitely have army sergeant in their future. Tell Damon and Marshall their favorite uncle loves them.

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