2007-04-18 22:39:00

One of my favorite families moved away recently…and I was soo sad!! It’s working out fine, though…because they are now FLYING me to them, to do their shoots…and I’m loving it!! 🙂 So, I spend the day in Savannah, Georgia…yesterday…and it was sunny and 80 degrees…and I was soaking it all up!! 🙂

Here is my little miss Ella!! It’s just crazy for me to think I’ve been photographing this little angel since she was a newborn!! I just adore her and I’m soo happy that I get to keep photographing her, !! She now has a NEW little sister, Merritt…who is PRECIOUS and will get her own blog post after this!! 🙂

Here is the “red chair” series….

the princess set….

the outdoor series….

and the pink chair series….

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  1. OH MY GOSH!! I can only PRAY you can capture Patrick and my eyes like this!
    AAAAMAAAZING!!! :):)

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