2006-06-22 13:05:04

You may recall meeting Ella when I first started my blog! (click here to see the post) She is soo special to me, as I have been photographing her since she was a newborn! Watching her grow up has been soo fun and soo neat! Well, I’m soo sad that she will be moving away, with her family very soon! I know I’ll see them often, though! 🙂

Our shoot was soo fun! As Ella gets older, she just gets cuter & funnier…..oh, it’s soo great! She was the cutest baby and she has become such a sweet little girl…who is really ALL GIRL(singing, dancing, skirts, flowers, princesses, pink, curls, you name it!!)! This shoot was hilarious….we played alot of peekaboo (as you will tell), we did some dancing, played on the playground, rolled in the grass, ran on the prairie (or so it looks!) and did some “sound of music” posing…see below! It was soo much fun! I will miss you soo much, Ella (and Abby & Jeremy!) Hope to see you soon!

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  1. LOVE the wide angles with all the white(sky) negative space in them. Oh yeah!


  2. i was out to lunch yesterday and i swear i saw her with her family there!! i was going to go up to them and say something but chickened out. haha

  3. Nicole,
    If you were at RAM downtown yesterday, then that was us! I was there with my daughter and two cousins. My cousin said that she saw someone sitting at a table with a camera! What a small world!

    The pictures are incredible (as usual!). I can’t wait to see the rest! We are really going to miss you.

  4. Such a cute little girl, I know she was hard to photograph (haha)… she looked like she had lots of fun as I am sure you did as well. I love little kids (especially girls!)
    Great job, Jess! I hear so much about you around about the business, just wanted to say that I think they all have it right. You do an awesome job!

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