2008-04-08 22:44:19

…and without further ado, the second part of my southern tour…with the completely wonderful bostic family!! such a GREAT trip!!! i’m ready to go back…. 😉

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  1. Wow, simply amazing colors! Makes me long for summer. So many great images here, the parents are going to adore them.

  2. i can not even tell you how GREAT these images are…my NEW favorites!!! SUPER FUN colors, SUPER CUTE kids, and SUNSHINE…YAY!!!


    : )

  3. oh my goodness…looks like an ad campaign! gorgeous work, and i love how you’ve shown them here. by the way, where is this? the water looks incredible! -c

  4. These might be the cutest little kids I have ever seen! Wonderful pictures, Jess!! Love the colors!!

  5. SO BEAUTIFUL!!! The sun, the sand, the kids, the colours – some of my favourites so far and they definately are adding to my never ending desire of going someplace warm and sunny. Great Job Jess, the family must be blown away.

  6. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s something AMAZING about these images. The colors, the lighting, ……just everything. These are some of the most gorgeous, amazing images I have ever, ever seen!

  7. oh my goodness! i was looking at these in the dark (which i do not recommend) and the colors and light blinded me!

    holy moly they’re awesome!

    i am consistently impressed by your technical skills and creativity!

    wonderful work!

  8. Thank you Jessica!! We LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the pictures. You are the best!! 🙂

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