2009-06-24 07:41:35

My dear friends at Eventfull Planning asked me to do some new images for them…and of course, I was honored! So, we were ready to do the shoot and per the usual around here lately, the weather was a mess….but we decided to try anyway! Well, it proceeded to rain, lightning and even hail for the first two hours of our shoot as we sat in a van and watched!! We finally got creative and found a place to do some quick shots inside(The library was our only option…with enough light and space to do the shoot…and stay dry…but we had to stay quiet, which was no easy task) so it wasn’t a total loss! Oh….it was hilarious!!The girls were SUCH troopers on what was a challenging, yet fun evening….thanks ladies!! You are the BEST and you know I ADORE you!!!

3 responses to “EVENTFULL PLANNING”

  1. Jess, not only did we get some great images, but we had a great time. Thanks again – can’t wait to see the rest of them and get them up on our website soon for all to see. We love you!

  2. Man Jess, you really are awesome at headshots. You should totally hook up with one of the local talent agencies and shoot for them;)

    Hope all is well! Did you move yet?


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