2009-09-23 15:36:37

Would you believe this handsome dude is my cousin? Crazy! He and my Aunt made the trip over from Dayton to hang out for the afternoon for his Senior pictures…and let me just say that he ROCKED it!! He was an incredible subject and we had a blast hanging out for the afternoon! Thanks for rockin it, Fred…you’re the best!! xo! 🙂

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  1. These are so great Jess! Some of the best guy senior pictures I have ever seen. And Fred should consider modeling – holy smokes he looks comfortable in front of the camera! Amazing hair must run in the family:o)

  2. I’m BLOWN away by these images! Amazing posing…. and AYKM with the hotness that is HIM!? WOW TO THAT!!!!

  3. LOVE this one! Hope he is putting his portfolio together for the modeling career ahead of him. (so loved the statement on the graphic T)

  4. Wow! double wow! First off, I sort of want to hunt down any single friends I have, but then I remind myself that he is only 18. He’s a cutey and you captured him fabulous.

  5. Sorry… my comment is actually posted on the next post! Freddie you’ve changed so much. It’s hard to believe he’s old enough to be a senior, I’m OLD!

  6. What a cutie patootie! Great shots, Jess. I love the one of him leaning against the blurred out brick wall. Framer!

  7. These ROCK! Love the poses, processing, expressions, everything! Yes, this is a great portfolio if he wants to pursue modeling! Awesome work, as usual!!!

  8. Is this guy single? I thought that to myself as I started looking through the pics- so handsome. But then wait- I thought, I wonder if he’s a Christian- then I saw the shirt- I was wowed. I have a sister who is a Sr. this year as well. We live near Dayton. She’s been waiting to find s great Christian guy. Just throwing that out there! 😉


    PS. This is the first comment I’ve left since your announcement of your precious little on the way! Congrats- SO excited for you and your DH!

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