2006-07-01 08:49:06

You might remember sweet little gavin from this post (click there to see it). Well, as they all do…he’s getting BIG…but he is still soo sweet & precious! I love Chris & Shannon! (his parents) From photographing their wedding, to photographing Shannon pregnant, to then photographing Gavin as a wee little one…and now getting to photograph him as a toddler…I just have enjoyed their company & friendship soo much…and watching their lives change and get more and more exciting…well, it’s really the heart of why I love what I do! Isn’t Gavin such a stylin kid! I just love him! 🙂

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  1. They’re beautiful! That rug looks like it was the BEST to shoot against! I just love the bright colors in it! He is a total cutiepie! Looks like a fun shoot!

    Are you shooting with all natural lighting?? Very beautiful lighting too!

  2. wow… jess this is one of your best children shoots. makes me want your actions… oh wait I have them. Makes me want to USE them. (since I just got them yesterday I am going to do that soon)

    nice work!!!

  3. I love these shots. The colors are beautiful. Gary mentioned on his blog that you might make your actions avaialbe on his estore(he called them your secret sauce). Will that be anytime soon. I am soooo sooooo very interested.

  4. Jessica your work is really beautiful I love the one with Gavin looking out the window. The lighting is wonderful. You are gifted. Jane

  5. I just found out today that I am a grandfather. Thank you for having photos of Gavin posted for me to see.

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