2013-05-24 13:37:42

Oh what a special family this is to me! I’ve photographed BOTH weddings of these two families and to now capture them as they grow and have children is SOO extra special for me! They are such sweet, wonderful people…I always LOVE working with them!! I was a little bummed at how this shoot ended up, though…I felt soo badly. Per this CRAZY weather spring we’ve had, nearly all of my shoots have mean’t taking a chance at getting caught out in the rain because it’s pretty much that way every day…and most of this family came in from 3+ hours away, so we really hoped for the best for our shoot, despite the chance of rain! It started SOO well, we were shocked at how beautiful it was when the weatherman said it was no be beautiful. Well…just as we were headed into the gardens to photograph in all the spring amazing-ness that was in bloom, the sky suddenly turned DARK and it started storming like mad! We all ducked for cover in the middle of the grounds of the IMA and tried to wait it out…but all that happened was MORE rain and harder rain and as it began to flood around us, we had to call our shoot off! I was soo bummed but after I downloaded the session, I was soo happy at how many special and sweet images we ended up getting in our time…so it really all worked out SOO well in the end! Thanks soo much for your patience and willingness to get soaked for our shoot (ha!), Hollenbeck and Chitty family! It was soo great seeing you all again!! 🙂




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