2008-06-30 17:40:05

So, as you might have guessed…I am waaay behind on blogging!! I’ve been working a TON, shooting a TON, have been out of town and have also been trying to squeeze in every little visit with my new niece! So, I’m sorry for the lack of updates! I will be on a blogging ROLL here shortly, trying to catch up before heading out of town again this week!

Meet sweet little Jack! He is just the most precious little guy! He is the son of one of my former couples, Holly & Matt…and you know how much I love watching my couples grow into families! Holly & Matt were married several years ago and now have sweet mr. Jack! I also grew up with Holly so it’s really neat to now see her little boy!!

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  1. Jess, these are amazing, as usual!! You captured every aspect of Jack’s personality. Thank you so much! We can’t wait to see the rest!

  2. LOVE these! My oh my how time flies… he’s SOOO big!!! Great pics Jess, per usual! 🙂

  3. Jessica,

    The photos of Jack brought a big smile to my face. These will be worth a million dollars to Holly and Matt. Absolutely adorable!!

  4. I can’t imagine how one would pick out which one is the best! As grandma, I love how you captured so many sides of Jack……he is adorable and the pictures of Matt, Holly, and Jack made me smile and realize how lucky I am!

  5. Ahhhhh! Jack looks adorable. Oh what a cutie! Fabulous Jess, job well done. 🙂

  6. I have scrolled thru these pictures 12 times already. (Big happy tears in my eyes) Jess, I’m a little biased but I think you had great subject “material”. You’ve managed to get every speck of our Capt. Jack’s personality on film. Awesome and such talent. Jack is just as adorable as the pictures portray. If we could have a button to push that plays his ornery little laugh it would complete the package. Not to forget Matt and Holly. They look just as sweet and happy as they did on their wedding day

  7. These are so wonderful! Jess you are so fantastic– and I can’t help it, but Jack is the cutest thing ever!!!

  8. Hi Jess,

    I was at the wedding, and I watched Matt grow up. I have not yet had the pleasure of meeting him, but I think you have caught the essece of Jack. Matt and Holly are very fortunate to have such a wonderful portfolio!

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