2010-08-19 18:42:21

Our sweet little buddy Jayden is already 1 year old!! I swear it was like yesterday that we went to the hospital the day Jayden was born and was such a tiny little peanut…and it also seems like yesterday that Lindsay, Will & Jayden came to the hospital when I had Sophie!! Now Jayden is already digging into birthday cake for his 1st birthday!! It scares me to think of how fast time flies…it truly does! I know Sophie is already cruising towards 1 year and I just want time to STOP!! My incredible friend, Lindsay is also soo creative and when brainstorming for Jayden’s 1 year shoot…she said, “let’s capture his first haircut at a cute barber shop!” and I LOVED the idea!! And we had to let him tear into a cupcake too!! LOVED this shoot…LOVE this family!! I get a little choked up when I think that Jayden and Sophie will be friends for life, just like Lindsay and I! 🙂 LOVE YOU, L+W+J!! HAPPY 1ST BIRTHDAY JMAN!! 🙂

He was all smiles and then started to get quite intriqued by what he was being put through! He did great, though!

my favorite!!

A fresh do called for some updated family pics!

And then a stop at the studio for a little cupcake time! This was the very first time Jayden had experienced sweets…he’s been on all milk, veggies and fruit….and he was LOVING it and not scared to dig in!!

7 responses to “JAYDEN”

  1. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE ALL OF THEM! Thanks, Jess. You are the best at capturing this sweetie.

  2. WOW!! AMAZING pictures of a beautiful family. Submit some of these for photo contests. When Alec got his first haircut, his picture won first place in a photo contest in the Zionsville paper. Your pics remind me of my little baby (now 16)! Your pics are absolutely first place winners!!

  3. Words cannot describe how stinkin’ cute he is!! Love every single picture-definantly put a big smile on my face after and very long day!! Thanks for sharing Brenda!!

  4. As always you did a great job Jess!! very cute pics, of course you have a very cute subject to work with

  5. Beautiful pictures as usual Jess…You can’t lose with such a beautiful subject and family…Jayden is the cutest great grandson I have…Love them all..

  6. There are no words to describe how talented we think Jessica is, and of course these pictures are fantastic. Thank you Jessica for again capturing our little fellow. (What a blast from the past, it is just like watching his daddy grow up all over again)!

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